Swiss Digital Days 2020
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Learn, discuss and get inspired during the Digital Days 2020


80'000 people at the Swiss Digital Days

The first hybrid Digital Days took place from November 1 to 3, 2020.

The 6 main formats of digitalisation


Join a dialogue session for and with the public on one of many important issues, allowing you to express your views and engage in a collaborative debate. 


Startup Battles

A short video presents a true start-up invasion: 15 start-up companies present their strategies for sustainable impact. You can participate in our public online voting, the final will take place in our […]



Get ready for an exciting line-up of entertainment. From digital performances to music, singing, dance or maybe even a magic show!


Learning Lab

Learn a specific digital skill in 45 minutes through an online webinar, video or physical interactive session. Continue to learn after Digital Days? - Find and compare courses



Tune-in or come along to exciting panel discussions, keynote speeches and interviews with industry leaders centered on the challenging topics influencing the future of our digital landscape.


Digital Expo

Get inspired by innovative projects of the Digitaltage partners - online!


These 8 topics were in focus

Education & New Work

As the worlds of education and work evolve at a rapid pace, get under the skin of topics like Lifelong Learning, computational thinking and education in the field of science, technology, engineering and […]


Health & Healthcare

The Swiss healthcare system must transform faster than ever to thrive. Listen and debate the latest views on Covid-19 and how E-Health and precision medicine can create a future of customised health. We […]


Society & Media

From tackling misformation and fake news and the shifting ethics and values of our media landscape – we delve into the issues that directly influence our digital future. We also take time to explore […]


Democracy & Government

Learn about the issues shaking up policy makers, the justice system and governmental bodies. Topics include the opportunities of agile governance, e-government and electronic identity (e-ID). We will also […]


Technology & Manufacturing

We increasingly rely on interrelated digital devices and automation in our daily lives. Join digital experts and thought leaders and explore trends in Fintech, Blockchain and Automation. We also put topics […]


Security & Safety

Dig deep into the trending topic of cyber protection and how it affects individuals, right up to global corporations and governments. We also put the illicit economy under the microscope and when it comes […]


Environement & Energy

Collaborate and learn about the latest innovations in the fight against climate change and air pollution. We will also look at the importance of biodiversity in an increasingly urbanized world. Interested […]


Infrastructure & Mobility

What is 5G? How will drones play an increasing role in our digital future? What is the importance of smart cities. How to face the challenge of urbanization? We’ll also look at how digital placemaking […]


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