NextGen Future Skills Labs @Eastern Switzerland

The "NextGen Future Skills Labs" series of events gives students aged 10 to 15 in each region the chance to experience digitalization topics and related future skills up close in a fun and collaborative way. In the process, they learn about new technologies and methods and find out how they can help shape the digital future. The event is designed to encourage children's interest in subjects in the fields of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, and technology (STEM subjects), introduce them to related career fields, and help them identify new strengths and broaden their horizons.


13:05 - Arrive in front of the Dialogue Bubble on Kornhausplatz.

13:15 - Welcome speech and inspiration 

13:35 - Division into workshop groups (details see below):

  • Group 1: School Change Foundation - Build your dream job using Lego® Serious Play.
  • Group 2: Mint&Pepper - Program your own application for a distance sensor
  • Group 3: libs - Basic teaching professions for our digital future

15:05 - Reflection

15:35 - End

Participation is open to students aged 10 to 15, but registration must be made by a parent. For organisational reasons, please indicate your child's preferred workshops when registering, the number of places is limited. The programme will be held in German/Swiss German. The event is free of charge, but we would like to ask participants to bring a drink for themselves on the day of the event.

Workshop 1 - School Change Foundation: Build your dream job

Using LEGO® Serious Play, students: inside build their future career step by step. First, they think about what they like to do, then they build what they are good at, add what they can earn money with, and finish with what is good for the world. The whole model results in a job description, which the students name and briefly present. The workshop leads to more clarity regarding the participants' career aspirations and the associated future skills.

Workshop 2 - mint&pepper: Programming your own application for a distance sensor

Sensors are everywhere in our everyday life: Smoke detectors, automatic doors, smartphones, etc. Using the example of a distance sensor, as known from parking aids for cars, children and young people learn how sensors work. In teams, they first wire the sensor to the micro: bit and program a parking aid with the help of beeps and icons. Afterward, the children and young people can give free rein to their own ideas and inventive spirit and use the know-how they have acquired to create completely new applications for the distance sensor.

Workshop 3 - libs: Basic apprenticeships for our digital future

As part of a Robotics Discovery Workshop, apprentices and vocational trainers will introduce students to basic apprenticeship professions and demonstrate their interrelationships using various technical tasks as examples. This requires more than just developer skills. In addition, the students experience various robotics solutions in a playful way and can thus be inspired for exciting professions.


11.10.2022 - 13:05 – 15:35
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