Abilis - Re-connect to your health

Abilis is a service provided by Ofac, the Swiss pharmacists' cooperative of which the majority of the country's pharmacies are members. Abilis is three things at once:
- A eHealth-platform designed to optimize the efficiency and safety of care and the exchange of information between patients and their pharmacies
- A webshop of pharmacy products
- Access to the electronic patient record (EPR)  

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Abilis, digital health platform and national EPR provider
Since 2020, the Abilis digital health platform has been facilitating the daily life of Swiss pharmacies and helping patients manage their health, notably through a mobile app. But Abilis is also the gateway to the Electronic Patient Record (EPR), which relies on a vast network of partner pharmacies in Switzerland. It is the only national and independent reference community and the only one to offer the population access to the EPR via a mobile application.

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