Programm Archiv 2020

A talk to find out how digitisation is viewed within SBB.

Promoter: SBB

How was the digitisation by SBB experienced with the arrival of COVID 19? 
What are SBB's highlights at Digital Days in this particular year? 
What are the risks and opportunities for increased digitisation in Switzerland? 
We will discuss these and other questions with Roberta Cattaneo, SBB Regional Director, Southern Region.

Roberta Cattaneo

SBB Regional Director for the Southern Region

Roberta Cattaneo, has been working since 1 January 2018 as SBB Regional Director for the Southern Region and member of the Board of Directors of TILO SA. Before joining the SBB, she worked in the telecommunications sector, for the Confederation and for the Italian-speaking Swiss Radio and Television RSI. She holds an executive Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School in strategic negotiation. He has an in-depth knowledge of public administration, electronic communications and public service in the media field.