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Talk: how can we trust the data usage?

Our personal data is collected online, no matter what we do. This data is ubiquitous and represents a real and growing economic importance. More and more initiatives are trying to raise awareness of personal data issues, such as the Swiss Digital Initiative, whose goal is to bring sustainable ethical standards to the virtual world. 
What do you think will happen to your data? How can you trust a virtual world? And how do you find a sustainable balance between analog and virtual worlds?
Join us for an exciting discussion, with incredible speakers, and learn more about your data!


Balthasar Staehelin, ICRC, Director of Digital Transformation 
Martin Vetterli, EPFL, President
Monica Gille, Sales Director, Hewlett Packard Entreprise Switzerland

Monica Gille

Sales Director, Hewlett Packard Entreprise

Monica Gille is Sales Director Hewlett Packard Enterprise Switzerland and Managing Director of HPE Suisse Romande, as well as host of the HPE EMEA headquarters and customer innovation centre in Geneva. She is the owner of the Swiss Startup programme for HPE and several other innovation initiatives at Swiss and international levels and is a member of several advisory boards, such as digitalswitzerland and StartUps.

Martin Vetterli

President of EPFL

Researcher, teacher and expert of the Swiss education and research landscape, Martin Vetterli was appointed president of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne in 2017. He is also a full professor at the audiovisual communications laboratory at EPFL.

(Picture © Olivier Christinat)

Balthasar Stähelin

ICRC - Director of the Office of Digital Transformation and Data

Balthasar Staehelin holds the position as the ICRC’s Director of Digital Transformation and Data as of May 2020.

He joined the ICRC in 1993 where he served in the Middle East, Africa, the Balkans and at the ICRC Headquarters in Geneva.

As Delegate-General for the Middle East and North Africa from 2002-2006, he oversaw the ICRC activities in these regions, including operations in Iraq during the Second Gulf War, before serving as the Deputy Director of Operations for Policy and Global Affairs from 2006-2008.

In 2008, he left the ICRC to join the local government in Geneva where he ran the department in charge of providing social welfare, housing, health and integration programs for refugees and asylum-seekers.

Upon his return to the ICRC in August 2012 and until June 2020, he served as the Deputy Director-General and substitute to the Director-General. His portfolio includes the supervision the ICRC’s cooperation and coordination with the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, as well as the building of the organization’s Global Compliance Office.

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