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The Digital Days Music Special: Phanee de Pool - the "slap" sensation

She is still a little secret for German-speaking Switzerland, but Phanee de Pool has already taken the hearts of Romandie by storm. The singer from the Bernese Jura calls this genre, which she invented, "slap", i.e. a mixture of slam and rap, and has been storming the playlists of radio stations for two years now, thrilling audiences from the Paléo Festival to the Auditorium Stravinski in Montreux. Masterfully and with virtuosity she plays with language, words, melodies, rhythms and various instruments. The songs that are created are stirring and touching and let us see the world a bit through Phanee's eyes.

Phanee de Pool

Author, composer, performer

In three years of existence and 180 stages, from Paléo to China, Phanee de Pool has become one of the major artists of French-speaking Switzerland, acclaimed by the media and professionals on the international scene. With her "slap", a mix of slam and rap, bathed in frank and smooth French song, alone on stage, with chamber or symphony orchestra, Phanee de Pool has built up a small world nestling between poetry, pop and slam. She plays, sings, dances and operates her machines with disconcerting ease. An explosive and quirky stage performer, she inflames audiences of all ages and sold-out halls. The show is total.

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