Technology vs Human Touch in Recruiting

How much Technology and Human Touch are actually involved in the job market?

The gap widens: Having a tool able to match 500.000 applications with a job profile within 5 minutes and the fact that people are hired for their soft skills that are more important than technical competencies.

Jutta Jerlich (Changemaker, founder of the event series "Fuckup Nights" Basel, co-organizer of BaselHack) and Damaris Meier (Damaris Meier Personalberatung GmbH) talk about what really matters: the “cultural fit” employers look for, you being a teamplayer, having empathy, emotional intelligence, communication skills and being quick to learn new stuff.

This is a hybrid event, it will take place physically in Impact Hub Basel and you can also join online. Please register soon to get the link and further information.

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