Program Archive 2020

Systems thinking and practice for climate action - Young Climathon Pilot Project

The world, as we know it, is changing fast! Year by year the effects of climate change are becoming ever more evident. Addressing climate change may well be the most critical challenge the world will face in our lifetimes.

When we try and tackle the challenge of climate change with traditional linear thinking and approaches (i.e., Problem identification - solution finding – decision making - implementation), we risk causing unintended negative consequences that make things worse. This is because climate change falls into the domain of wicked problems that require us to think and behave in increasingly complex systems.

Systems thinking adds a different way of seeing the world and our current challenges. It challenges our traditional linear approaches to using the steps in a cyclical fashion (i.e., a feedback system), and with that, it helps us view a problem not in isolation but as part of a larger system and context. Therefore, systems thinking is a mindset and a framework with a collection of tools and processes for engaging with our messy world - to make sense of complex environments and understanding the interconnections. It helps us find leverage points in a system where modest actions have the potential for significant impacts.

Our interactive workshop encourages open exchange and is composed of various playful exercises and digital simulations to introduce the conceptual background and practice of systems thinking within the context of climate change. Furthermore, introduces case examples of Nature Based Solutions for our cities.

Are you a student passionate about sustainability and contributing to social and environmental justice? Then come and join us on this fun journey!