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Behind the Scenes - Digital or Analog? Tanya asks for

Tanya König asks our guests which digital tools they use or if they prefer analog solutions. She was able to ask Google Switzerland CEO Patrick Warnking, Jörg Mäder from the Green Liberals, Leo Fellmann from Accenture, influencer Michelle Melody and doctor Tanja Volm.

Patrick Warnking

Country Director Google Switzerland

Patrick Warnking is Country Director of Google Switzerland since 2011. From 2007 to 2010 he led teams in the areas of media, games and entertainment at Google Germany. As a member of the board of the 'digitalswitzerland' initiative, Warnking has been committed to the topic of lifelong learning, especially with regard to digital skills among adults and young people, as well as in the business world. Warnking completed training as a banker and business graduate, earned an international MBA in Berlin, Milan and New York, and completed the Stanford Executive Program. Patrick Warnking has lived in Germany, USA, Italy and Switzerland in the context of training and jobs.

Jörg Mäder

National Council Green Liberal Canton Zurich Digital Society

Jörg Mäder (45) studied environmental science and wrote his doctoral thesis at the ETH Zurich. During school and university he taught himself programming and called himself also as a nerd. Meanwhile he is a full-time politician and active on all three levels. Accordingly he wants to bridge the gap between the digital and the political world.

Michelle Weller (Michelle Melody)


Young influencer with over 280'000 followers on Instagram.

Leo Fellmann

Senior Manager Cyber Security Services Schweiz

Leo Fellmann ist stellvertetender Leiter des Cybersecuritygeschäfts von Accenture Schweiz. Er hat langjährige Erfahrung in der Cyberberatung, sowohl im Inland als auch im Ausland. Sein Schwerpunkt liegt auf der Leitung von Sicherheitstransformationen sowie komplexen Cloud- und Anwendungsicherheitsprojekten. Er hat über die Jahre industrieübergreifend Erfahrung gesammelt, berät aber mehrheitlich Industrie- und Life Sciences Unternehmen.

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