Swiss Digital Days are an annual event that fosters dialogue around digitalisation. The aim is to bridge the digital divide and empower individuals to fully participate in the digital society and economy. The Swiss Digital Days programme offers hundreds of online and physical events focused on key digital topics. 

It showcases the developments, opportunities and risks of digitalisation and invites people to experience digitalisation in all its facets through events and activities that focus on education and debate on digital topics. All activities serve the purpose to learn, question and discover how rapid digital change continues to shape the world we live in.


We need Swiss Digital Days to understand and embrace the opportunities that the digital future offers Switzerland and the world. Digitalisation is changing all areas of our society: education, healthcare, politics, the economy, working life, leisure, mobility and communication are being transformed. The mission of Swiss Digital Days 2023 is to take the entire population of Switzerland on a journey to learn about and embrace our digital world. 

Swiss Digital Days 2023 start on 4 September with the first events taking place in Schaffhausen and then throughout Switzerland. 

Until the end of November, our partners host and organise their own Digital Days in collaboration with digitalswitzerland. 

The final celebration of Swiss Digital Days 2023 with plenty of activities around #herHACK, Digital Xchange and NextGen, captivating panels, and an AI experience you will never forget, takes place on 6 December at the Museum of Transport(Verkehrshaus) in Lucerne.

Everyone can take part in Swiss Digital Days. They are for everyone interested in digitalisation, so you don’t need any type of digital expertise to attend. We want as many people as possible to join the varied programme of physical and virtual events. While no prior knowledge or skills are needed to take part in Swiss Digital Days and learn about digitalisation – we ask all visitors to come with an open mind. Check out the full programme here.

There are three main formats at Swiss Digital Days 2023. 

NextGen is a programme targeting the young generation from 13-16 years old, developed in cooperation with Pro Juventute and Kids.Code. The format answers questions like: How does AI work? What opportunities and dangers are associated with it? And why is it important that we are aware of the future skills that are particularly important in this context? The participants will be able to generate images with the help of artificial intelligence and learn what is important in the process.

#herHACK from 24-25 November 2023 is aimed primarily at women, but also at all other under-represented groups in the technology industry who want to create the future, strengthen their skills and tackle important issues linked to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. There is no background in technology needed to come up with great ideas and prototypes – curiosity and the willingness to be an active participant is all you need to benefit from a big network of like-minded people, mentorship, different workshops and simply an empowering experience.

Digital Xchange provides a neutral and open space for dialogue to address how digitalisation impacts society. The goal of each event lies in raising awareness about current and “hot” digitalisation topics and inviting the population or a specific audience to raise questions and discuss the opportunities and challenges of a rapidly advancing digital future. These interactions allow everyone to be heard and bring to light transversal needs and opinions, raise the topic on the public agenda and capture hopes, fears and needs in the context of digitalisation.

The Lighthouse event is the closing celebration of Swiss Digital Days 2023. It takes place on 6 December at the Museum of Transport (Verkehrshaus) Lucerne. We’re going to celebrate the 7th edition of Swiss Digital Days with a big bang! With plenty of activities around #herHACK, Digital Xchange, NextGen and captivating panels, people from all of Switzerland can be part of an AI experience that we will never forget. Swiss Digital Days 2023 end on a grand finale. 🚀

You do not need to buy tickets to attend Digital Days 2023. Attending Swiss Digital Days events or accessing our or our partners’ content is free of charge at any time. We encourage you to visit the official Digital Days website to find the full programme of events and to register or book attendance at certain events where numbers may be restricted. 

digitalswitzerland coordinates the Swiss Digital Days movement 2023 together with its partners. This Swiss-wide event series is supported by a large community of partners from academia and the private and public sectors. 

Normally, the events will be held in the language of the region. In some cases, it can be English. For events organised by our Swiss Digital Days partners, please visit the specific event page for programme details and the languages offered.

digitalswitzerland will mainly communicate in English to the public. On the website and on Social Media, we will communicate in German, French, Italian or English, depending on the region of the events

Yes, you can participate in more than one event at Swiss Digital Days. You can take part in as many events as you can fit into your schedule. You can join live and virtual events created by several cities, cantons, companies and other partners across Switzerland. Find out more here.

Swiss Digital Days partners are responsible for their own Digital Days programme. You can find the full event programme for Digital Days here.

Reach out to a member of the Swiss Digital Days team and email: We always welcome new ideas and fresh thinking and partners that are ready to make an impact. 

Contact a member of the Swiss Digital Days team and email: 

Yes. We have a dedicated Swiss Digital Days newsletter and a general digitalswitzerland newsletter that covers the latest news and goes to a diverse audience of more than 13,000 subscribers. These communications will keep you up to date on the latest event activities, speaker announcements and information. Sign up here.

You can filter our full offering of digital or physical events on our programme page here.

Some of our Swiss Digital Days main formats include:

  • #herHACK 20.23 – the female-led hackathon initiated by women for women and all other groups under-represented in the technology industry
  • NextGen Future Skills AI Experience – workshops for young people between 13–16 years old
  • Digital Xchange – open space in the form of an exchange for everyone to address and debate how digitalisation impacts society. 
  • Lighthouse event – final celebration of Swiss Digital Days 2023

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