Digital Days is your opportunity to learn and discuss about digitalization and get inspired by experts -
all for free and mostly online!

Have a look here and filter for your prefered topic and format. Also choose easily for online or offline events in the "how" filter.

Yes a few, but with limited numbers of participants and strict measurements. Please check regularely for the details if you're planing to join a phyiscal event.

Please check the detail page of your prefered event. If a registration is needed it will tell you in the pink event box

On (front page and programm page). On SRF Play, YouTube, Facebook and Blick TV!

No. The Digital Days TV programm is our main channel to watch 20+ hours of inspiring content, produced in the SRF and RTS studio. If you're interested for a specifc event by our partners that is not part of the TV, please check the detail page of the event. Some of our partners live stream directly in there or added the direct link to their online event in the pink event box.

The the best thing about Digital Days. It doesn't cost you anything! Learn, discuss and get inspired - all for free!

All of the Digital Days TV programm will be available as a recording after a couple of hours on the detail page of the programm session you've missed. A lot of our partners offer their content as a recording as well. You will be able to filter for recordings after Digital Days.

We are looking for the answer to the question: what digital future do you wish for? Also we have covered 8
main topic blocks which you can filter through on the program page.

The recording will definitely for the next couple of months - don't worry, you will still have time to (re)watch
them if you didn't find time these days.

The program will be mostly in German, some sessions are happening in French, Italian or English.
Just filter for your prefered language in the Digital Days TV tab. We will prepare subtitles in French and
English for the recordings though - however this will take us some hours until its added to the recordings.